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Hi, Meet mother and daughter, Cindy & Michelle. And of course meet Tuba. Together we came up with Shuttermutt.

Michelle on the left is the videographer. You will start seeing sprinkled thru the site various videos she has filmed and produced. Michelle can be reached by email here: Michelle

Cindy is on the right with Tuba. Cindy takes most of the digital snaps you will find posted. Cindy can be reached by email here:

Both of us have alot of fun recording what we see and hope you enjoy looking. Have fun. Cindy & Michelle

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2010-May..Wounded Warrior Games

First Annual Wounded Warrior Games held in Colorado Springs at the Oly ...

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2010-06 HGI Fire Dept Visit

Imagine our surprise. We mentioned what a great day for a picture op, ...

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5/27/09 Thunderbirds at Air Force Graduation

These photos were taken looking directly at the Air Force stadium from ...

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Agility "BAD"

Basic Agility Dog Competition

Updated: May 20, 2009 11:01am PST

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